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I’ve always been a late developer – I didn’t marry till I was in my early 40s. I’ve always written, but earning a living kept getting in the way of earning money from my writing, so I didn’t become a journalist until the age of 50 after I’d achieved a Diploma with Distinction in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism.

By this time I had written several novels which are still searching for a publisher, so it was a relief and a joy to find an outlet for my yearning words in journalism. I have been fortunate enough to interview Bill Bryson, Ian Rankin, Patrick Gale and many others. I have had a go at bowls, fencing and Laughter Yoga, and interviewed all kinds of previously unknown people which has been a fascinating experience.

I’ve always loved walking but it wasn’t until the arrival of my terrier Mollie that I began to venture further afield. And when I started writing walks for Cornwall Today in 2008, this provided an incentive to explore Cornwall more thoroughly.

My walks began to take on a life and style of their own. “They’re like a personal letter,” said Linda Spiller. “I feel like you’re talking to me as I read them, and I can see Mollie running, smell the honeysuckle and hear the rumble of the sea as I read.”

Click for an Excerpt from Daymer Bay walk:
As the walks accumulated, it became apparent that all kinds of people enjoyed reading them – not just walkers – so I decided to try and sell the idea of a walks book. As any writer knows, this is not easy. It took years, and wasn’t until several weeks after my husband died that I finally got an offer of publication from Sigma.

I signed that contract in amazement, not really believing that a book would actually come out of it. But at last it came along – and you can buy a copy by clicking on here. Since then I have continued to write walks for Cornwall Today which involves getting lost, soaked, frozen and sunburnt with Molls and a selection of friends. Walking not only keeps you fit but provides endless hours of amusement, arguments and much needed food and drink. I hope that anyone reading my books enjoys the walks even half as much as we have.

If you have a favourite walk you’d like to share, please do so HERE.
My first trip afloat was at 18 months, when we lived in Shaldon, Devon. My poor mother staggered round in a constant state of sleep deprivation until the fellow who ran the passenger ferry to Teignmouth, said. “You give Curly to me, and go and sleep.”

So I spent many days happily riding back and forth. Nowadays, the ferryman would have been arrested for sexual misconduct, my mother would have been declared an unfit mother and I would have been taken into care. As it was, I got my sea legs at a young age, mum had some much needed kip, and the ferryman took great delight in showing off his youngest passenger.

I learnt to sail in my early teens, on a dinghy named Cacahouette. Then, after years being a landlubber, working in London, I returned to Cornwall and fell in love with an adventurer who lived aboard an oyster fishing boat moored near the Pandora Inn.

He spent years restoring White Heather, but sadly had to sell her, so I didn’t sail for many years. Then after he died, I was aboard a friend’s catamaran, scattering my husband’s ashes, when there was a lull before the wind caught the sails, and the boat surged forward. “Ah yes,” I thought. “This is what it’s all about.”

Since then I’ve spent many happy hours afloat, clocking up sea miles. As sailing correspondent I meet fascinating people with amazing boats – from Gipsy Moth IV (Chichester’s boat) to a 130 year old lugger - I never know what or who will come up next.


I’m a Piscean. I know very little about astrology, but I do know I have a deep rooted connection with the water. Sailing gives me a sense of profound happiness that can reduce me to tears. Perhaps it’s the challenge, the element of escape and adventure (I can identify with my late husband about that). When I’m afloat, nothing else matters. I’ve entered a different world, with different rules. One that I feel incredibly privileged to be part of.
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LOVES: Singing – I’m am a member of The Suitcase Singers; my scruffy terrier, Mollie, and sulky black and white cat, Bussie; photography, reading (of course), dancing, cinema and theatre, travel, ballet (I’m a Matthew Bourne groupie), meeting friends and cooking (sometimes).